Monday , September 25 2017

10 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

1) Use Google Effectively – Google knows everything.  If you’re having trouble finding something with Google, it’s you that needs help.

2) How To Do Basic Cooking – If you can’t cook your own steak and eggs, you probably aren’t going to make it.

3) Deliver Bad News – Somebody has got to do it.  Unfortunately, someday that person will be you.

4) How To Remember Names – Do you like when someone tries to get your attention by screaming “hey you”?

5) Make a Simple Budget – Being in debt is not fun.  A simple budget is the key.

6) Make a Short, Informative Public Speech – At the next company meeting if your boss asks you to explain what you’ve been working on over the last month, a short, clear, informative response is surely your best bet.  “Duhhh…” will not cut it.

7) Make a Good First Impression – Aristotle once said, “well begun is half done.”

8) How To Do Speed Reading – Sometimes you just need the basic gist, and you needed it 5 minutes ago.

9) Wildlife survival skills – Should you ever be stranded in a forest or forced to survive outside, you’d want to know the best places to get water, what you can and cannot eat in the wild, where to build a makeshift bed, how to catch a fish, how to correctly cross a river, how to keep your core body temperature high… and much more.

10) Give a Compliment – It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, and it’s free.

How To Do

How To Do

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