Friday , December 15 2017

Feeling Suicidal? Shut up & Start Living

How many times have you tried to take your own life? Wait, don’t answer that. Whatever your answer is, it is part now. At the moment, you are here, reading this blog. Which means, there is hope that you can live a few years more.

From this moment onwards, you will shut your lizard brain and start living life.

Life is either a daring adventure or a boring legacy.

Your life might not be good at the moment, but trust me, if you woke up today, it means you have something to do in this world for the next 24 hours.

What do I mean by Start Living?

Contrary to the popular belief that ‘start living’ is something to do with money, a new car, or healthy bank balance.

But soon as you grow old. You realize that these materialistic things have nothing to do with happiness or living well.

In short, it is all rubbish!

Then, what exactly is start living?

Start living is a feeling. An emotion that delight you to live more of your life. Something that makes you forget time.

Have you ever had that day, when you jumped out of bed, excited, to rush your way to work. Because work, does not feel like work anymore, it is fun for you.

Yes, this, my friend is called ‘start living’

Life of your dreams. In which you’re your own hero and the writer of your story.

Why won’t Suicide help?

While there are some people enjoying every moment of their lives, there are people who are suffering every day. And this suffering then goes south, it forces those people to take their own lives.

I really don’t know you have been through that feeling or not, but I did, once. And once was enough to get my brain on the right track.

I realized that suicide is for losers. The real men take what life throws at them, and turn into an opportunity.

The only people who don’t have any problems are those that are 6 feet under the ground.

Nothing in life is good or bad, it is how we perceive that thing that makes all the difference.

When faced with calamity, you can either beat up yourself, blame others. Or, you can step up, take responsibility for your own thoughts and turn the defeat into a bloody opportunity.

The choice is yours!

What will people think?

A common threat who commit suicide is, what will people think or say about me.

Well, let me make one thing clear. The people who point fingers at you are those who don’t have something interesting in their lives to talk about. And they are jealous of you, living your life well.

What can you do about it? Ignore! Ignore and ignore all the naysayers in your life.

There is so much in life that you can appreciate.

It is not important, what people think or speaks about you, what is important is what you think about yourself.

Thoughts become things. Whatever you say to yourself, becomes your reality. Think good, and good will happen. Think bad, and life will respond to you likewise.

So, from now onwards. Make sure that you live your life as you want it.

Sure, people will blame you for being different, or being arrogant, or being optimistic. But who cares what those naysayers think?

It is your life, and only you have the right to grow, to do what you love, to help as many people as you can, and to make this world a better place.

P.S: This is my first blog post for the category Lesson of the day. I am starting this category where I will be sharing learning of my day. I might post every day, or on alternate days. Posts will be short but will be written for the sole purpose to motivate you. So, if you like it, share more with people whom you love and care about the most.

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  1. Do remember, “If you have no disability means you are the most blessed one.”
    Just need to rethink and restructure your thoughts and deeds.

  2. Well written 👌😇🙄 Thanx for sharing. Stay blessed.

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