Friday , December 15 2017

Life Lessons from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

It is good to be back. Back at Hogwarts, to feel the same excitement and the tenacity of bravery. Just yesterday finished reading the most hyped book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ and trust me, feeling was great. Here I am putting down some life lessons from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


Don’t let your past control your future: In the play Scorpius (son of Draco Malfoy) despite of disastrous history from his father he turned out to be a better man. Not because he had a troubled childhood but instead he focused on his present and how to utilize the present to make the future better.

In life often things don’t turn out the way we want. But instead of moving on we stay too much in the past which eventually destroys the future. No matter how bad your past is, keep working hard on your present to make your future a better reality.

Embrace your true self: Albus Potter son of Harry Potter took too much time to realize how importance of self-belief. Most of the times he was found unhappy just because of being son of Harry Potter which he assumed was a disadvantage to his abilities. But then again when the time was true he turned it into his only power.

In life never ever forget your true self. No matter what world thinks about you, only thing that matter is what you think about yourself. Being true to yourself is the most important of all traits in human history. Yes, we all come with weaknesses we can’t ignore but use those weakness to fuel yourself. Turn the weakness into something better.

Cherish your friends: Despite the fact that Harry strictly told Albus to stay away from Scorpius they became good friends. And what do good friends do? They protect each other.

Friends are no doubt one of the most beautiful blessing from Allah Subhan wa tala. Cherish your friends from time to time. Trust me they will be there to listen to your rubbish but still they will love you for that rubbish.

Trust your family: The fact that sometimes your family can be a little too over protective but they care the most. In the play Harry remains concerned about his son, Albus and bonding between them. But that is the only thing that made Albus a strong person. That turned him to something better. Right after both shared their feeling all the dirt got settled.

No matter how many times you mess up in life, it is only family that stays with you, genuinely. So take out some time for your family. Live life with them, create memories and tell them that you love them a lot.

Life lessons from Harry Potter and Cursed Child

Step into other people shoes: Often times we forget the importance of tiny details about people. How they feel, what they do in particular situations. When dealing with people it is important to step into their shoes. Just to a get a fragment of their life. This helps in understanding people better.

Stop complaining and start working: As seen in the play, the moment Albus stopped complaining about how he is unhappy all the time and did something about it, it all started going in the right direction.

They say if you like something good, if not then change the way you do things. If something is bothering you lately then best is to do something about it. Until you don’t take action about something you won’t know what works and what not. And how to make it better.

So here we go some learnings from the play. I hope you have read the play and I would love to get your feedback about it. Feel free to share your learnings in the comments section. Till then Abracadabra!!

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