Tuesday , January 23 2018

Shop Online With UBL Wiz Prepaid Debit Card

As a marketer I often need credit card to run ads on different social media platforms. Call this irony or anything that we, as Pakistani’s, are unprivileged to use PayPal in Pakistan. There are companies offering Prepared Debit Card in Pakistan but thanks to UBL Wiz Prepaid Debit Card which is quite equivalent to an extent. UBL just made my life easy. Best part is its a debit card. Deposit the amount and use whatever you want.

How to Get UBL Wiz Prepaid Debit Card?

You can apply online on UBL Website but I would prefer visiting your nearest UBL bank and ask for the UBL Wiz Internet Card. They will give you a form, fill the form and submit it with a copy of your CNIC. It takes 48 hours to activate the card. Once your card is activated, just deposit some amount and you are good to go. Read some reviews regarding people facing problems getting the UBL card activated but this was back in year 2014, now you get it instantly.


Where you can use UBL Wiz Prepaid Debit Card?

You can use UBL Wiz Prepaid Debit Card to do the following:

  • Run ads on Facebook
  • Run ads on Google Adwords
  • Use Google wallet to purchase apps for your android.
  • Shop Online on Giftingemotion.com (online gift shop)
  • Shop Online on AliExpress.com
  • Purchase domain / hosting from GoDaddy or HostGator

These are just few platforms on which I have used UBL Wiz Prepaid Debit Card you can use on countless others.

For now I haven’t faced any problems regarding UBL Wiz Card. Card limits are mentioned on their website. So, for me, UBL just passed the test. Feel free to share your experience regarding UBL card in the comments box.

P.S: Submit Bank also offered Visa Prepaired Cards in Pakistan. Check the review by Hassaan Khan on Androizing.com

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  1. kiya ye facebook par begier kisi problem k use ho sakta hai bcoz most of banks card not working on faceook transaction

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