Friday , December 15 2017

The Last Apple Before You Die by Robin Sharma

I am here today to celebrate my 2 years of motivation from this young guru. Well he is not that young by age but trust me Robin Sharma is the most alive person I came across. Read his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 2 years back and it changed the way I saw things. Here again I am still motivated by his books, and lectures and daily inspiration. But today I am about to share one of the greatest lesson I learned from his TED talk.


In his session he presented an Apple to the audience and asked them to eat it. Some ate it, some asked for  a knife to cut it first, while some waited to see what happens to the other people. In short everyone ate the Apple. Now Robin Sharma presented another apple and said “Consider this your last Apple of your life, now eat it” Surprisingly everyone reacted the same and ate the Apple bite by bite, enjoying every bite of it.

Life is pretty much like this. When presented with an opportunity we sometimes spend too much time in analyzing things. And in the end we lose the moment. While preparing for the future we lose the beauty of the present. Infact we humans are so busy that we don’t even enjoy a cup of tea/Coffee by embracing every bit of it. We have Coffee without noticing it. Try it sometimes. Having conscious Coffee. Enjoying, embracing every sip you take. This will not only make your Coffee entertaining, it will built a habit of gratitude. A term which most of us ignore these days. So, from now onwards before starting things up, think of doing it for the last time.

How much energy will you put if its your last time? How much effort will you give if you know its your last day with your loved ones. With everything connected now days its difficult to ignore people and things around us. Everything we do impact things around us. From talking to people to making decisions, do it like they are your last effort. Surprisingly you will realize how brilliant you will perform. And yes start reading some books of Robin Sharma. Start with Who Will Cry When you Die.

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