Friday , December 15 2017

Top 10 Blessings to count when you feel down today

Starting this blog from one of my favorite verse from Holy Quran which forced me to think how blessed I am and I figured out which blessings to count in order to have a peaceful day.

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.’ ” [14:7]

Have you ever thought how great will your days be if you start each day by counting your blessings instead of complains? I am sure in a typical day just like all of us you are also complaining about things not going the way you want them to be. In such we forget to count how blessed we are. How blessed we are to breathe, feel and life a live that brings some purpose. Here goes my list of thing I counted:

1) I am alive –
I woke up this morning and came to know that my heart is still pumping. This means my purpose in this world is still not over.

2) I am healthy – Can move all the body parts which means I am blessed with full health Alhumdulilaah for one more day.

3) Family – Those people who care for me unconditionally. They are with me, totally a blessing Alhumdulilaah.

4) Friends – They know me more than I do myself. They know when I am happy and they know when I pretend to be happy but deep inside I feel sad. Just texted few friends and was great to hear that they are fine.

5) Food – I woke up and my mother was yelling Do your breakfast. Hurry you are getting late for work.It’s a blessing to see that food is there on our table when thousand others sleep each night with no food.


6) Love for Work – Either do something worth talking about or invest your life in something you love. I am loving what I do.

7) Caring heart – I am still worried for my family, friends and people around me. They say you care more than normal. Well I consider this a blessing. GOD blessed me.

8) Library full of Books – Some love to spend time watching TV while others prefer hangouts, I on other hand prefer to collect books from across the world. With books I can travel the world without stepping out from home. These books motivate me for life and practically teach me how to reach in certain situations. So blessed to have a library full of books.

9) Being close to Allah – No matter how hard you try people betray you time after time and when people do, it hurts, and it hurts a lot. Best antidote I found over the years is staying close to Allah Subhan wa tala. This way it helps me to heal fast. Sharing things with Allah subhan wa tala not just give you rewards of good deeds it also provides you with peace like no other.

10) Dreamless sleep – You might not believe it but I have dreamless sleep. Don’t know if its good or bad but for the past few days found it pretty much peaceful to have no dreams at all. And only thing I do for this is clear my mind right before I sleep. Just take out 10 minutes from your time and forgive all the people who have done wrong to you. Furthermore thank Allah Subhan wa Tala for all that has happened to you.

I know at times it gets really difficult to focus on  the bright side of life but what I have learned is we feel inferior when we are away from our Lord. Allah Subhan wa tala loves us more than our mothers. And if we keep Allah our close friend we might not face less problems but be sure that you will get strong enough to outsmart all your worries.

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