Friday , December 15 2017

Why Website Design is Important?

Imagine this; you need to buy a shoe that matches with your t-shirt which you want to wear for your next party. Now, you have two choices. You can either take some time off from your 9-5 job & purchase your shoe, or you buy it online.  If you asked this question 3 years ago, I would have gone for a day off. However, now, with this e-commerce generation, it is more convenient to buy online.

However, wait story does not end here. You google some sites which are selling shoes. You open a site & you loved the shoe in black. Now, here is where things get pretty complicated. The website did not have any option to pick your shoe size, plus there is no option to get in touch with the company. Your quickest response will be to move to another website.

Now let is analyze what went wrong? I was the potential customer who wanted to buy a shoe from the website. Marketing team did a pretty fair job in letting me know that they are doing a good job, web developer also did a decent job, but when it came to the web designer, he failed miserably. Most of the people still think that a great web design is not important as the marketing of the website. Here I would like to focus on why web design is important for every site?

If you can find what you’re looking for quickly & easily, it means that web designer did a great job in making the website usable. Usability, itself comes in different forms. From navigation to customer service, from zoom-in function to mobile-friendly website.

web design great

If you are just about to start your website here are some tips to buckle you up that can prevent you from getting unhappy customers.


One thing is pretty much clear: a website has to look good. However, along with a good website, usability is one hell of a factor that you need to take care of. A good design will lead your customers to their desired products; you can use individual elements to persuade your customers to buy from you. These elements range from good typography (do you know certain fonts build more trust on your client than any other fonts), using personal pictures that deliver some message to your customer, call-to-action button is the most buzz word used now days. The possibilities are countless when it comes to a good website design but I am sure you got an idea of some.

Placement of Elements

A website is just like your house. Everything in a website needs to be in its proper place, helping visitors to find what  they are looking for. Site navigation needs to be easy, logical & consistent. Normally social media links are placed  at the top or bottom, search bar is on top where visitors can see it, a chat messenger needs to be at the bottom of the page (and for GOD’s sake do not pop up the chat with automated messages, put a human incharge whom people can interact). Usually visitors take only 5 seconds to judge a website. If they find it difficult to browse or they didn’t find any help, they jump to a different website without saying a word.

First impressions matter, even in web design

Just like a good color tshirt can spark your personality, an appealing web site can convert your visitors into customers. Internet became a visual medium where using images and videos is a necessity. Latest development in web design is using slideshows, image gallerias, and YouTube videos (which appear in search results as part of

Concluding it all

Of course there is more to a website than looks – like coding, and cross platform compatibility – but those are things that the visitors do not really care about. A great website design is less about what are you selling, and more about how you are communicating with the visitor.

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